Resprays & Paintwork

Smart Repairs

Smart repairs are used to combat all those small scratches, chips and minor scrapes without the need of re-spraying the whole panel.

90% of Smart Repairs cost less than doing it yourself, a DIY repair on average will cost you £77.00, where our normal charge for the same repair costs on average £60.00, saving you time and money.

Smart Repairs are cost effective and 90% of repairs can be completed while you wait.

Partial re-sprays

For scrapes, scratches and dents beyond a quick Smart Repair, our skilled team can not only repair the damage to the affected panels, replacing them where necessary and cost effective, but can leave you vehicle finished to the highest standard.

Using their many years experience in the industry they can blend and finish the paintwork to the highest level, leaving a seamless paint job between old and new.

As each individual car and damage is different please use our online form including providing photos to get a quote, or contact us to arrange to see one of our skilled team.

Whole car re-sprays

Whether you are changing the colour of your vehicle or returning the paintwork to its former glory, the Autoperfection MMX team are skilled in providing excellent whole car re-sprays.

Care and attention is paid at every point in the process to ensure you receive nothing but the best. Before the work is undertaken the team will work with you, advising on the level of re-spray required, be it working out how far back the original paintwork will need to be taken, to removing all seals and external/internal fixings and any additional repair work that will be required to give you the perfect finish.

As with all re-sprays you will be given an individual quote depending on the work required, and we advise making a visit to speak with one of our highly skilled team to discuss in full detail your full car re-spray.