Whether you have had an accident or your car has just seen better days, your vehicle may need more than a lick of paint. Our highly skilled team use the most modern techniques to return your vehicle to its former glory.

Accident damage

For scrapes and dents our team will assess your requirements and offer the most cost effective repair, be it replacing panels or repairing the existing metalwork. If you have damage caused by an accident please look at our ACCIDENT DAMAGE page.

Rust damage

Depending on the level of rust it may be an easy repair job or require welding or replacing. Our skilled team can assess and advise on the level of repair required, and all costs involved, always offering the most cost effective option as long as the quality of repair isn’t compromised.

Again pictures will be provided separately

For any kind of damage repair we welcome the use of our online form including providing photos to get a quote, or contact us to arrange to see one of our skilled team.